Friday's performance and some new songs


Friday, November 13 was a good experience overall.  We got a chance to play a few new songs that I've been working on.  These are some jazz standards that Bruce has given me sheet music to, so I recently took the initiative and began memorizing and playing them.  Tin Tin Deo, an old song that was performed by Kenny Burrell and Diz back in the fifties.  Nice song.  John English is just doing great backing us up with his wonderful sounding acoustic bass. And Bruce, the absolute Maestro, with his patience and excellent guitar playing, makes me realize every time just how luck I am to working with such great talent.  I hope to be getting into some kind of studio or recording session soon, and we discussed this after the gig.  One idea that surfaced is to actually do a live recording at Grumpy D's.  I will be doing some serious consideration of this.  maybe we can bring in a percussionist for some of the material.  Anyway, thanks everyone who was there, and especially thanks Dan for having us!


More to come,


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