A new CD Release "A Long Last Look"


Finally, I know many of you have been wondering "where is Hal"? 

Well, I've been involved in recording my new CD, "A Long Last Look".  I had all of these songs I wanted to record, including a number of original songs.  As things go, even though I didn't get to record all of the Bill Evans songs I wanted to do, I DID get one of them on there.  But I'm very happy with the results.  As you get so involved with a project, it doesn't sound the same, as it did when you recorded it.  But then after stepping away from it for a few weeks, and when everything starts to come together, I am seeing, and hearing that everyone involved did some really great work.  And now I'm realizing that there has never been a CD quite like this one, and I get really excited to get those little CD's in my hands so that I can share them with everyone.  And I can hardly wait to be playing again for you all.  Thanks for all of your encouragement.  It is greatly appreciated.

I should have an announcement soon for the upcoming CD Release Party, ye Hah!


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