My new Video Project

 Hey everybody, I know it's been awhile.  I hope you've had a great summer.  I did, and actually I've spent the better part of summer developing this video that I'm planning to shoot a week from now.  I decided to go with a professional video team, since the goal is to really focus in on the steel guitar and how it's played.  The few videos I've posted on you tube to date have been ok but somewhat lacking in both visual and sound quality.  I'm going into a studio next saturday with the new amplier, custom built by Kevin Hilbiber, and 5 new compositions which I haven't recorded yet.  This is very exciting for me!  I'm very fortunate that I've found a group of guys that really support this project and the group is coming together very well.  It's a quartet, with Bruce Barnard on guitar, Dennis Stazkowski on acoustic bass and none other than Don Berman on drums.  I've been working out the details of the music.  You know part of the reason I got into playing jazz on pedal steel guitar is that I've never heard it played the way I would like to hear it.  As I reflect on all the past recordings I've done, I find myself wondering, what is different about this one?  I realize it's the fact that it will be on video with a professional video team, and also I've really had the fortune of some rehearsal time with the group, so that the dynamics and other details are getting worked out.  I can't wait to get this out there so everyone can watch it and hear it. 

I will keep you updated.



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